The Mud Hole


I grew up in a sweet little town in Illinois. I remember there was a big tree in our yard, and every time it rained, there would be this massive puddle form right at the base of it. I can remember me and my brother gathering cans, bottles, and whatever else we could find, then running outside to go play in that puddle. We would roll around in the mud and pour it all over our heads and be filthy from our heads to our toes. I can remember throwing big mud balls at each other, and I am pretty sure I made him eat a few mud pies. It was so much fun! It seemed like we were out there all day long. After we had been outside a while, I can remember mom coming out and saying that it was time to come in. She would say “let me get you all cleaned up so you can come in the house.” Then she would grab the water hose and start scrubbing us down from top to bottom. You might think this is where all the fun stopped, but we knew when mom got the hose out there was even more fun in store. She would start laughing and squirting us down, then we would run around in the water, giggling and splashing. Sometimes I think getting clean was more fun than when we were getting dirty. After we were all clean, mom would wrap a towel around us, give us both a kiss, then take us in the house. This is one of my favorite memories of when I was little, and I sometimes think of it when it rains. This beautiful memory reminds me so much of the Father. He wants to bring us in, but first we need to be made clean. I used think that it is fun living like the world, but boy was I wrong. I never knew what pure joy was until I came to know the my Savior, and the overflowing love He wants to pour on me every moment of everyday. I just have to be willing to be cleaned. I say all this, not to say I never get a little mud back on my shoes cause sometimes it’s up to my knees! But you know what? I know where the hose is now. I pray you know where it is too. God Bless!

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