An Open Letter for the Concerned Loved Ones


I know you have concerns,
and I love you so dearly.
I know you love me too,
you’re making sure I’m seeing clearly.

You see how I used to be
and you see how I am now,
you wonder if I have gotten dragged into something,
too deep to turn myself around.

I feel your love in your questions,
I see it in your eyes.
I feel the awkwardness when you don’t speak
and the apprehensions in your mind.

Your worry is genuine
and your heart is in the right place,
but I want to ease your confusion
and tell you that I’m safe.

I love my Savior Jesus,
and only through Him I am saved.
I dearly love the Father,
and I cherish all His Ways.

Through grace, God sent Jesus,
to pay the debt that I owe,
and without His atonement,
I am dirty and I am low.

I praise Him with each breath,
and repent from my sins.
I am grafted into His family
and He has lovingly brought me in.

In from the torment
and ugliness that lies in my flesh,
that has now been replaced,
with His joy and His peaceful rest.

The Bible is His beautiful love letter,
from beginning to the end.
Each word is precious and meaningful,
through the Spirit each syllable was penned.

All of these things we can agree on,
and that’s what makes us brothers and sisters in Christ.
It’s the next part we may differ on,
that is causing us separation and strife.

The Law of God is beautiful,
unto His set apart people He has gave.
It’s full of all the instructions,
to show His children how to behave.

Salvation doesn’t come from doing it,
that comes only from His Christ.
But blessings from obedience,
He wants to give us when we try.

His name is made Holy,
when we keep them with our heart.
The nations can see His wonder,
and see what it means to be set apart.

With instructions we don’t have to worry,
about what’s wrong or what is right.
It’s laid out there before us,
no grey area, just black and white.

I say this not to judge you,
or to make you see things my way.
I pray it doesn’t offend you,
all these words I have to say.

I love you, you are my family,
but I can’t go back to what I thought.
That I was saved without instruction,
with no guidance to be sought.

If I am led by what my heart thinks,
I will surely be led astray.
Because my heart is full of greed and idolatry,
to my flesh I am a slave.

I thank God for His instruction,
I no longer have to guess.
What is expected of me from this day forward,
nothing more and nothing less.

I pray that peace can find us,
because we aren’t that far apart;
About what we believe and what we hold true,
with the fullness of our hearts.


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