Torment Relieved


You evil, seething spirit, wondering to and fro;
Always cursing, always accusing.
I hear your spiteful voice,
Slithering past my ear,
Enticing my futile flesh.
Reminding me of my past,
Laying before me thoughts of hate and disgust.
Evil whispers that overcome this weak tissue,
Tormenting my every move.
I labor to breath and my heart races,
My stomach is filled with your sour lies.
You disgust me!

You are not welcome in my mind,
You are not welcome in my presence.
I am a child of the Almighty,
Filled with His Spirit of truth and love.
I bind your awful spirit of fear and anger,
In the name of my Redeemer,
In the name of Christ Jesus.
You have no hold on me,
You have no jurisdiction in this place.
I cover my head with the Glory of Ya,
He casts you into the abyss.
He has defeated you with His mighty hand!

Oh Father, how strong is Your power,
How strong is Your might?
There is none other than you, Ya.
You are faithful to deliver,
You are faithful to save.
I praise You with all of my being.
You surround me with Your love and peace.
You bless me with Your council.
I am overcome with Your joy.

Your voice is tranquil, calming, and soothing to my soul.
I rest in Your shadow,
You are my safe haven,
My shelter and my sanctuary.
In You I am preserved.

Fill me with Your Light, Father.
Fill me with Your righteousness.
Abide in me Father, for all of my days.

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