Wake Up


WAKE UP church,
OPEN YOUR EYES great assembly who is called by His Name!!
See the lusts and lawlessness of the world!
Perceive her lewdness that is on display!
Behold the iniquities that her undergarments can no longer hide.

She is naked before you,
No more smoke and mirrors,
Or confusion of her intentions.
The world is laid exposed before you,
To lay forth an example of the chaos that ensues without instruction,
To show the utter destruction that follows in the path of lawlessness.

REPENT you who are set apart,
TURN BACK to the Father,
And walk in His Ways.
He sees the twisting of His Holy Scriptures,
He knows of the corruption that has taken root within your walls.

You mix the vile treasures of the world with the pure Statutes of Yah,
You skew the lines of good and evil.
Constant mixing until there is no longer any distinction.
Blurring the lines of the holy and profane.

REPENT you who are gathered by the Spirit,
RETURN to Yahweh, His arms are open wide.
He waits for you to turn back to Him,
He shouts for you with a joyous call.
“Come back, Come back to Me my children. Come back to the safety of My arms.”

Oh that you would tarry no longer,
Run swiftly to the Master while there is still time.
Ready yourselves for the return of the Bridegroom,
Put off the iniquity that has stained your hands.

REPENT REPENT continually,
Walk in the Ways of the One who saves you,
Leave the traditions and false doctrines that have been fed to you,
Purge them from the depths of your being.

Obey the Instructions of the Kingdom you were called to,
Embrace the Statutes of your loving Father.
He longs to keep you from the destruction of the enemy,
Oh, that you would WAKE UP and enter under His covering.

WAKE UP church!!
OPEN YOUR EYES and rise from your slumber.
For the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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