Cloud that Covers


Yesterday I was driving to Ardmore to get my oil changed. I looked up at the sky and noticed how beautiful it was. The clouds were bright white and all puffy like mounds of cotton candy. They were all perfectly placed, each with it’s own unique design. The sky was a vibrant blue, clear of any imperfection. I don’t know that I have ever seen such a wonderful display of the Creator’s heavens. All the lovely clouds reminded me of the pillar of cloud that Yahweh protected His people with when He delivered them from Egypt.

Exodus 13:21, “Yahweh was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night.”

I kept on driving down the road. As I was driving, I began to notice the shade that the clouds were casting on my car. When I was under a cloud, I was covered from the sun’s rays, but then as soon as I got past it, the sun was blaring down. I thought again about the mixed multitude that Yah saved from their slavery. When they were in the covering of the cloud, they were protected from the Egyptians. No doubt if they had stepped out from that covering they would have perished in the hands of the Egyptian army that was hot on their trail.

It reminded me of all of us who are called by His Holy Name. Yahweh sent His Son, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), to die for the debt of our sins. His blood covers those transgressions. In Him we have shelter! But what if we choose to walk out of His shelter that the Father has provided? Wouldn’t we be consumed with the evils of the world and desires our flesh? I know from personal experience that this is exactly what happens. It all starts with a little thought in your mind. The whisper sounds like the serpent in the garden, “You won’t surely die!” (Genesis 3:4), but in my case it is more like, “It isn’t that bad” or “You are forgiven so live what ever way makes you happy!” Next thing I know, I am knee deep in the ways of the world, gasping for air as I drown in despair. Being outside of His shelter, outside of His Way leads to a path of destruction. Yeah it may feel all warm and fuzzy when you first get in the sun, but the longer you are out there, the more damage the rays can do.

Listen, if you find yourself right now out of the shade of the Father’s covering, He wants you to return to His protection. The Father’s arms are wide open ready to receive you! Humble yourself before Him, pray for forgiveness, and repent turning away from those transgressions. Yeshua died to break you free from the heavy burden of sin, so you can walk in the freedom of the Almighty’s Truth!

Oh it’s so wonderful in the shade my friend, do’t miss out on that blessing!! 🥰

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