Draw Me Near


Father, I read Your Word and It slashes through this hardened skin.
My heart is gaping open from the wound of Your Righteousness.
Remove the wretchedness that You see within me!
Bring it all before my eyes so I can perceive it’s form.

Let me taste the bitter fruit that I hoard within my heart,
So that I will turn to it no more!
Let me smell the putrid aroma cast from my iniquity,
So that it will appeal to me no longer!

Father, help me to sever the entanglement of this flesh.
It grips me with fierce determination to drag me from Your Ways.
How soon I forget the entrapment that it lies in wait.
The flesh whispers the same lies, disguised as new.
Quickly I fall for its snare as if I had never known its voice.

Father, forgive me of my weak resolve.
Forgive me for harboring the decay of my flesh.
Strengthen me in Your Ways Father,
Write Your Word within my very soul.
Saturate me with Your Spirit,
Purge from me of all that is unpleasing to You.

Father, thank you for the piercing sing of Your Word.
Without It, there is no hope or joy.
Without It, there is no reproof or new life.
Thank You for Your testing and kindness,
Your righteous declaration that humbles me to repentance,
And draws me near to Your ever loving heart.

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