Seeds of Misery


Tiny seeds of misery planted.
Sowed within my mind.
I entertain their falsehoods,
Consuming me fully with no place to hide.

Reeling perceptions,
Weakening my resolve.
Hopelessness sprouts.

Occupied by loneliness.
Question upon question.
I scream out in anguish,
The burden is intense!

I try taking thoughts captive,
But, there are too many.
I grab hold tight,
Yet, they slip through my fingers.

I cry out to You,
Do You hear me?!
I wail before You,
Do You flee?!

Release me Father,
The weight is too heavy.
Separate from me this thorn,
The burden, too much to bare.

My crying eyes wet Your Pages,
Absorbing my tears.
Your glorious Word speaks to me,
Alleviating my tormented soul.

You pull me close to You,
You cover me with Your mighty hand.
Your Spirit lays upon me,
Soft whispers of Your saving hope.

You calm the deception,
You mute the lying voices.
Your tender affection is soothing,
Giving peace to the storm.

Oh Father, Your love is overflowing.
Your kindness comforts my weeping heart.
You cover me with Your loving arms,
Pulling away my despair.

Thank you for Your deliverance,
Your peace and stillness.
Thank You for loving me.
You bless me with Your shalom.

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