Chaos in Silence


Thoughts turning,
Twisting in my mind.
The voice of deception
Pulling me from Your peace.

It begins with a whisper,
Seductively passing my ear.
Taunting, pressing,
Becoming louder with every syllable.

It’s breath nauseates me,
Stinking with vile comments,
Lies upon, upon lies, upon lies.
Why do I listen? Why do I hear?

Years entertaining evil,
Leaves my ears calloused to its voice.
Does anyone else hear it?
Am I alone to bear?

One voice turns to two,
Then, three, then more.
Chaos encompasses my being,
I’m drowning in despair.

I scream within myself,
“Yah save me! Father are you there?
I can’t hear Your sweet calling,
Your voice cannot be found!”

“Have I wandered from Your presence?”
Am I too much a burden to bear?”
Oh the lies keep confusing me!
My head is spinning, Have I gone mad?

Out of the darkness, You rush to my side.
Three times at once I hear Your voice,
Bellowing over the madness!
The echos discern Your Truth!

You overpower the enemies within me,
You bind them from my ear.
Sweet silence fades in,
Your peace overcomes all noise.

Your stillness caresses my brokenness,
Your hand lifts me to Your side.
“Oh Father hold me closely!
Encompass me in Your shalom.”

“Father why do I allow this company?
Why do I let them in?
Such rotten spirits overcoming!
Yah please help me to understand!”

“Thank You for not leaving me.
Thank You for releasing me form its hold.
Father forgive me for heeding their taunting,
Oh help me to hear You alone.”

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