Who is Doing the Planting


Boy it was such a beautiful day! The air was a little crisp, but the sun was shining bright. What a wonderful transition from the cold gloomy days we have been having for the last little bit! I just love the fall!

I had such a peaceful drive back to the office from lunch. I drove a little slow to take in all the Father’s incredible creation. The colors and the textures are so delightful. The wind was blowing across the trees and grass. Leaves scurried across the road. So peaceful and soothing!

As I was driving, the tall grass really caught my eye. I love to watch the wind dance across the tops! It’s like watching the hand of Yah gracefully tickle across the surface.

I started thinking about how the grass is holding its seed at the very tip, and when the breeze rushes by, the seed is carried away to be planted for its next season. Oh, the intricate workings of the Father are so perfect and delicate. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Just like this, the Father uses His Holy Spirit to do the planting in our own lives. Seeds are planted on fertile ground so they can spring forth and bear fruit that glorifies His name. The word for Spirit in Hebrew is Ruach. It means wind or breath. The Spirit is the breath of Yah, His wind! Oh isn’t that glorious?!

We are to be like the grass, firmly planted, presenting our fruit (seed) for all the world to see. Yah sends His Ruach, It hovers so gently across, gathering and sending the seed where it should go. Each plant, sown for a purpose to bear fruit in its own season.

Sometimes we get discouraged when we feel the Father urges us to share His Truth and we don’t see the fruit come forth. It may be the wrong season for sprouting. You know, the grasses in the spring are just as beautiful as the ones in the fall.

Oh dear friends, remember Who does the planting. Our job is to keep on presenting the wonderful seed where He leads and let His Ruach plant what needs to be sown.

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