The Master’s God


Oh I wanted to share with you all something wonderful from last week’s Bible study. We studied Genesis chapter 23 through the first part of chapter 25. Boy, chapter 24 just made me weep! Please go get your Bible to see this awesomeness!! I’ll wait 😬….. Now that you have your Bible, read it through please! I’ll wait again 😃….

Did you see it? Oh I hope so, but if not let me show you what I saw!

Sometimes I lose the comprehension of what is actually taking place. I have to remember that these aren’t just some monotone stories in my head. The people in these historic accounts had feelings and reactions just like we would have. Oh the words just pop off the page when you envision what actually went on!

The first of the chapter starts off with Abraham talking to his oldest and most trusted servant. The two of them had no doubt been through it all together. Years of working alongside one another had brought great trust between the two of them. Abraham sends his servant on a task that he would not have placed on just any one. He sent him to retrieve a wife for his beloved son, from amongst his family’s people in a far off city.

The servant sets off from Hebron. We are going to pick up the story in verse 11. This is where the goody is! So the servant takes his camels and is outside the city by the well of water at the time of the day when the women would be coming out to draw. Verses 12-14 he prays, 12 “O LORD, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show loving-kindness to my master Abraham. 13 “Behold, I am standing by the spring, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water; 14 now may it be that the girl to whom I say, ‘Please let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and who answers, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels also’–may she be the one whom You have appointed for Your servant Isaac; and by this I will know that You have shown loving-kindness to my master.” Before he gets this prayer out of his mouth Rebekah comes to the well to draw water. The servant runs to her and asks if he can have some water from her jar. She lets him drink, and does exactly what he had prayed for, she also offers to water his camels! Oh how amazing! After this, verse 21 says that the servant is gazing at her (with a mouth gaping wide open no doubt!) He wonders if she is of the family of his master and that his journey had been a success. Was what he was witnessing real?! He gave her gifts and asked her whose family she is from, and HalleluYah, she is his master’s relative!! The servant then bows down, worshiping Yahweh and prays verse 27, “Blessed be the LORD, the God of my master Abraham, who has not forsaken His loving-kindness and His truth toward my master; as for me, the LORD has guided me in the way to the house of my master’s brothers.”

Man oh man that is some good stuff!! In the first prayer in verses 12-14, his prayer is directed to his master’s God. When the servant sees the miracle of that answered prayer, he falls to the ground worshiping the One true God! Oh, He is not only his master’s God now, Yahweh is his! The Father has proven to him His worthiness to be worshiped! His second prayer in verse 27 he thanks Yah for his kindness to his master, and then he says “as for me” Yah has guided! Can you see the excitement! I’m so overwhelmed by the picture in my head!

The whole scene reminds me that I once was not His, but now I am!! He showed me His loving-kindness and brought me in. He goes before me to make my journey a success, to bring glory to His holy name! He does not fail and is worthy of all praise!

Oh guys, I don’t ever want anyone to read the story of my life with Him and it sound all monotone! There is so much overwhelming joy being His child! I hope you take the time to read the rest of the account, it keeps on getting better! Read it with the excitement of a man who has seen the Almighty work wonders before his eyes! What a blessing!!

I pray that you all have been blessed by reading these words, and that you go out into the world as a humble servant spewing with excitement because you have firsthand witnessed the awesomeness of the One True God! HalleluYah!! I love you all!

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