Winter’s Sting


The cold blow of the world around me,
Leaves a sting in my weary soul.
Eyes of ice, words of frost,
Consuming me all around.

A winter storm brews in the distance,
Bringing with it squalls of confusion.
The chaos masked in darkness,
Covers my blistered and frostbitten skin.

A whirlwind of shadows,
Beat down on my weary bones.
"Is there no light in this storm?"
"Who will save me from this bitter cold?"

I collapse under the pressure,
Bracing myself from the rushing wind.
The madness surrounds me,
pressing me down further to my knees.

Each icy breath is labored,
I lie down begging for death.
"Father take me from this torture,
Please rescue me from my torment!"

Suddenly, a quiet still rushes over me,
A calmness swallows my fright.
The winter storm still rages furiously,
Yet a warmth begins to cover my despair.

I feel His gentle touch,
Thawing out my icy exterior.
His radiant Ray of Light,
Melts away all the frozen chill.

He lifts me up,
Into His mighty arms of mercy.
He guides me gently,
Through the surge of this calamity.

The gale winds keep thrashing,
He allows them to come crashing down.
Yet, some how in His presence,
They seem too far away to feel.

I pray that I never leave Your safety,
That You cover me through the storm.
Father please keep me sheltered,
From the bitterness of this frigid cold.

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