Blood From This Stony Heart


Pride puffed up,
Strangles blood flow to the heart’s core.
Does an uncircumcised heart bleed?
Can it feel the slicing of The Father’s Sword?

Oh, its crusty veneer,
Created by the ego within me,
Does it crumble to let The Word pierce?
Can this stony member receive?

Have mercy on me Father!
Sever me from this putrid cancer’s haze!
Wound me with Your Word!
Let my heart be drained of my wicked ways!

Show me my transgressions.
Unclench my grip of conceit!
Break me free from my torment,
This heavy yoke of dark deceit!

Your Word is as sharp as a razor,
Let it rupture the walls of my captivity.
Soften my stony heart Lord,
Let the fortress of this flesh be breached!

Without You I cannot change!
Alone I cannot grow!
Do not restrain the molding of Your Spirit,
Let It make me whole!

Father, hold my trembling hand in Yours,
Show me how to break free.
Teach me to shed this vile and rotting flesh,
Help my eyes to see!

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