How Soon Forgotten the Red Bow


I was thinking about the Feast of Passover coming up. I just love the Father’s Feasts! They remind me of all the wonderful blessings He has given to His people and the blessings He has in store to come. My favorite Biblical account of Passover is in Luke 22. I was going through some of my old blog posts and came across last year’s Passover post from February 28, 2020. It’s simply titled Luke 22. I would go into the details of this, but my heart is being led to take this post on a different route. (Please take the time to go back and read that short blog post after reading this one. I will leave a link at the bottom of the page.)

Here is what is on my heart this Passover…

Last year was just a cluster! (That is the best way for me to describe it.) There was so much chaos and unknowns. People, including myself, were on edge about the mysterious sickness that was spreading around the globe. Madness ensued, confusion, and disarray. But do you know what happened amongst the madness? People turned to their Deliverer! The Deliverer who pulled His people from the bondage and the plagues of Egypt in Exodus. The One who gave His people instructions on how to cover their doors with the blood of the spotless lamb at the first Passover (Exodus 7-15). People ran to the very Deliverer, who in the Gospels, sent His Son, the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29). This Lamb, Jesus (Yeshua), literally died on Passover, was buried in the earth for 3 days, and then was raised on First Fruits to the right hand of the Father, that same Deliverer! (If this doesn’t make you scream HalleluYah, I don’t know what will!)

People saw this “plague” rushing over us and they dug deep for the answers within the pages of the Word of the Father! An explosion of red bows filled the streets by people frantically seeking deliverance by the One True God! I remember seeing posts on social media of florists making bows for weeks, practically giving them away to customers for something being called the “Red Door Movement.” In our little town it was like a renewing of hearts, a gathering back to the One who saves us! I was so excited to see so many friends and neighbors from all walks of life, covering their doors in red. There was no denominational line! There was no hierarchy! All of Yah’s children were as one, crying out to the Almighty in one accord, “Father deliver us!” Oh, it was a beautiful thing to see!

But what about this year?! I can almost hear crickets! No mention among friends and neighbors of the coming Passover Feast. No pretty red bows lining the houses in our neighborhoods! Have we so quickly forgotten our red bows? I say we have! Pastel is all I see. Do you not think the Father sees the same?! There is no chatter of the blood of the Lamb, only bunnies, chocolates, eggs, and ham. Do you not think He hears?! Oh, we are a wretched race! We cling to the Father when it suits us best, only to forget His mighty hand the first time the wind blows in the other direction.

People always talk about the 40 years the children of Yah spent wandering in the wilderness. How if they had just listened, they would have gotten to the promised land quicker. Hear this, I propose we are far worse! The condition of our hearts are so stony, it would take a jackhammer to break through the surface! Do we want to be corrected in such a violent way? Oh Father, please use a simple chisel instead!!

Brothers and sisters, we cannot lose focus of Truth!! We must focus our eyes back on the Deliverer! Don’t let the tantalizing allure of this world distract you from the Father!! No where within His pages does He discuss egg-laying rabbits. Nor will you find any passages speaking of swine’s flesh in a desirable way! You will only find these things in books about other gods, not the Holy Word of Yah!

Oh, y’all, weren’t we all on the beautiful narrow path just 12 months ago? How far removed are we from the simple instructions of the loving Father yet again?!

Oh I pray that we remember what He did, and will do! That’s why His Feasts are so important (Leviticus 23)! They remind us of His power, blessings, and judgments, past, present, and future! Exodus 12:14 speaks of the Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread, “Now this day shall be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a permanent ordinance.” These days are permanent for our own good! They help us not lose sight of the One True God!

Oh Father, I pray that we all fall back onto our knees. I pray we humble ourselves before our stiff necks are broken! Please deliver us from the hard testing we so much deserve. Remind us of Your statutes and perfect Way. Father I pray you forgive us for our short-sightedness and our desire to always return to our own vomit! Give us a longing to celebrate your beautiful Feasts, so we will never forget Your loving kindness and mighty power. Father, I know that you didn’t ever ask us to put a pretty red bow on our doors, but You know that this was a visual picture of man’s hearts being turned to You, and the lack of those pretty little bows speaks quiet volumes of how quickly we have fallen back out of focus. Please forgive us. Amen.

Here is a link to the February 28, 2020 blog I referred to in the opening paragraph. Please take time to read this short post. I pray that it blesses you!

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