Same Game, Different Name


Oh the enemy is cunning in his schemes.  We must open our eyes to see he is playing both sides of the aisle!  He whispers to all of the Whole Bible Believers to, “throw out Jesus (Yeshua)”, and in the next breath he is telling mainstream Christianity to “throw out the Father’s Words and Instructions.”  It’s the same game, different name!  John chapter 1 tells us that Yeshua is the Word made flesh, the Light that shines in darkness.   Psalm 119:105 says, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  The Word is Light, Yeshua is Light!  Do you all see it?  Yeshua and the Word are one in the same!  You can’t separate something or someone from itself or it will become void.  This is the tempter’s plan!  All he needs is a little seed of doubt planted to send us falling away, to cause further division within the body.  Oh please don’t add water that seed!  Better yet, guard your heart from him ever having the chance to sow such a wretched lie! 

How do I know this is so?  I heard the lie the other day when I was studying the Word.  Softly and discretely I heard the stranger say, “Yeshua is false.”  I am not a lunatic!  I know this voice.  This is the same voice that at age 10, I heard him say as I was bathing, “It’s your fault the person who molested you molested another, you didn’t say anything!  Just drown yourself in this bathtub!”  I tried to stay under, but I kept floating back up to the top.  This voice, in my 20’s, screamed at me as I laid a razor blade to my wrist saying, “Just cut it!  End it all!  You’re too far gone!”  Then when I cried as I pressed the blade closer and couldn’t do it, he screamed, “You idiot!  You can’t even kill yourself right!”  That same voice, after that, taunted me as I filled a coffee mug full of pills and choked them down sobbing in agony.  He said, “Every breath you take is causing Jesus pain on the cross.  You cannot change!”  Listen friends, I know his voice well!  His voice echoes in my nightmares!  I entertained his lies for way too long!  Oh praise Yah for delivering me from that madness and torment! 

Please friends listen!  I tell you these things not to make you feel sorry for me, but to prove to you I am not some wild woman blowing smoke in the wind trying to get attention!  I have heard the lie!  There are parts of the body that are in severe danger of breaking themselves off!  If what I am saying makes you believe I need to be in a rubber room somewhere, then obviously this message wasn’t for you.  But some of you have eyes to see and ears to hear!  Please heed this warning!  Don’t let the enemy make you believe his lies!  Pray to the Father and He will answer you!  His Spirit will give you power to withstand the schemes of the enemy!  Seek His council and He will give you discernment.  Guard your hearts with the firm foundation of the Word.  Yeshua said that the Father’s Word is truth! (John 17:17)  Nothing within the binding of Its’ pages will contradict itself!  Please protect yourself from the lies.  Listen only to the voice of the Shepherd, He will not lead you astray!

Oh Father I pray that the one who this message was intended to reach has a softened heart to take it in.  Please teach us to only hear Your voice and give us strength to withstand the battle.  Father thank you for being our Deliverer and Strong Power.  Without you we are dry dust, void of life.  We need You in this hour of confusion and chaos.  Please Father, help us resist the lies!

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