Cleansing the Leper, Flesh the Leprosy of the Soul


How does the darkness swoop in so swiftly?
Or anger and rage so quickly befall?
Am I missing their warnings?
Do I not hear their siren calls?

Their presence leaves me in solitude,
Their smothering extinguishes the light.
Where is the guard I set before the door?
Where is the resolve from their last plight?

I wallow in strange emotions,
Emotions I really don’t understand.
My spirit trapped and disconnected,
I’m exhausted within their hand.

I step out into the open,
I scream for my Redeemer’s aid!
“Deliver me from these shadows!
Help me to feel Your joy again!”

You send a rush of wind,
Like the warmness of Your Breath.
The rain starts to trickle,
Bringing life were there was death.

The drops come down harder,
I step further out into their path.
Seven times I rush into their cleansing,
Like a leper in Your healing bath.

Oh the numbness that surrounds me,
This flesh is leprosy to my soul.
“Father please cleanse me,
Wash me clean and make me whole!”

Just like time and time again,
You race to lift me up.
You fill me over flowing,
You overwhelm my cup!

Thank You for Your tender mercies!
With You I am sustained!
You wash away my sorrows,
You rinse away the pain.

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