Where is Our Rejoicing?


Where is our rejoicing?
Has the locust captured and eaten all of the fruit?
Has the vine withered and been uprooted?

Where is our rejoicing?
Has the signs of our decay forced us to forget the Vinedresser?
The One who loves and cares for every bud in the field.

Can He not strengthen what has been weakened?
Can He not bring forth that which was lost?

We act like the Life given was for not,
That the Gift within us has no power.
Why are we so fixated on the perils that the eyes perceive,
Instead of the Truth that the mortal flesh cannot define?

Do we hold our understanding above Yah’s?
Have we become so stiff necked to not recognize our error?
Oh that it would not be!
That we would be softened for correction!

Yah help us to bend to gentle training.
Help us to flourish from hard pruning!
Teach us to see with the heart of the Spirit,
Instead of the eyes of the flesh.

Only then will we find our rejoicing!
True rejoicing that has no end!

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