I’ve been thinking about the word remember in the Bible.  In Genesis 30, it says that Yahweh remembered Rachel.  I didn’t understand what that meant. In my mind, I see remembering as a product of forgetfulness.  You know like, “I walked into this room for something, what was it?  Then I remembered.”  I don’t know about you guys, but if I didn’t have notes posted where I can see them, there is no way I would remember what I am supposed to get done.

My mind filled with questions! Could the Creator of all things beautiful be a forgetful, fickle God?!  Could He be one who is absent minded, who has to sit and think to recall what He has done or said?  I think not!  How could our Father forget His promises?  What does the Word mean when it says that Yahweh remembered?  Is my understanding of this word putting a flaw onto the character of my Holy Father?  I decided to find out what the word remembered actually means, or at least how it could be used outside of the scope of my own thoughts.

The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament (Word Study Series) defines remembered as (זָכַר  zâkar) a verb meaning to remember, to mention, to recall, to think about, to think on, to be remembered, to recall, to acknowledge, to mention, to make known. The basic meaning indicates a process of mentioning or recalling either silently, verbally, or by means of a memorial sign or symbol. The verb often means to mention, to think about.  

My heart leapt when I read those words!  Where does this say to forget is the precursor of remembrance?  Nowhere!  Even Webster’s Dictionary’s first explanation of the word remembered is kept in mind.  Forgetfulness is what man does, not the Living God.  Deuteronomy 32:18 says, “You (speaking of His people) neglected the Rock who begot you, And forgot the God who gave you birth.”  Mankind forgets, but Yahweh remembers.  The promises He makes are on His mind, He thinks on them, He acknowledges them, He mentions them, He doesn’t forget!

When we pray to the Father and remind Him of His promises, we shouldn’t think of it as reminding an old geezer who can’t remember where he left his keys. We should pray in this way showing that we know He isn’t a God who forgets, that the promises He has said are the only Truth we can hang onto, and by bringing up, or reminding Him of His Word, we are showing our wholehearted devotion and trust in Him.

I’m so thankful we serve a God who keeps His promises.

Father, please help us not to forget that You remember.

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