Author: Mahaliah Jo

Hello! I’m Haley. I am a child of YHWH, a wife, and a mother. I love to give hugs and laugh. That sounds kind of goofy, but that is pretty much all the words I know how to describe myself. The Mahaliah blog is a place to share what Yah puts on my heart when I am in prayer, reading His Word, or in the little lessons He teaches me in my every day life. I do not claim to be an expert, so be sure to pray and always test what you read within these pages with the Word itself, just as we should with any information that we get from man. I appreciate you taking the time to visit, and I pray that you are blessed in what you read. Oh, I pray that what I am presenting gives all glory to the Father and His son, and that it is useful to His kingdom. Thank you again for stopping by, don’t forget to subscribe! I hope to visit with you again!

This Morning I Woke Up Jealous


I woke up a little jealous,
You see the Father face to face.
You are surrounded by His glory,
Filled with all His grace.

I wonder what it’s like,
Kneeling at His feet.
How wonderful it must feel,
How you must feel complete.

My weary heart tells me,
Nothing can compare,
To the joy that you are feeling,
In the place He has prepared.

How thrilling it must be,
Standing before the Father and the Son,
Seeing all the wonders,
Since all of time begun.

No mysteries left untold,
No confusion clouding sight.
You see His Truth revealed,
And brought into the Light.

So this morning I woke up jealous,
Longing for His touch,
Dreaming of rejoicing,
Next to you in His clutch.