Cleansing the Leper, Flesh the Leprosy of the Soul

5-21-21 How does the darkness swoop in so swiftly?Or anger and rage so quickly befall?Am I missing their warnings?Do I not hear their siren calls? Their presence leaves me in solitude,Their smothering extinguishes the light.Where is the guard I set before the door?Where is the resolve from their last plight? I wallow in strange emotions,Emotions … Continue reading Cleansing the Leper, Flesh the Leprosy of the Soul

The Old is in the New

4-16-20 I came across this beautiful picture on the internet the other day. At first glance it just looks like a bunch of colorful lines on a black back drop. You might be saying right now, “Yeah that’s cute Haley, but my kindergartener can draw that too. What’s so beautiful about a bunch of lines?” … Continue reading The Old is in the New


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