Prosperity Doctrine


I was watching some videos on some of the mainstream preachers the other day. Pretty crazy how prevalent the whole prosperity doctrine is. It really pains my heart to see that so many fall victim to this deceit.

Today I was reading Deuteronomy. There are several words that have been popping out to me when I read. I decided to see just how many times each word I was being pulled to were mentioned. (Bear with me a bit, this is kinda goofy, but I do have a point to make at the end.) The word “if” is used 73 times, the word “do” 102, “keep” 28, “observe” 24, and the word “listen” 25 times. I then thought about the word “prosper”. How many times is that word in Deuteronomy? Only 5. Clearly the Book of Deuteronomy is not about prosperity according to those numbers compared to the words that describe keeping, doing, and serving the Most High.

So, I decided to nerd out a bit more, and expand my search. In the NASB version of the Bible there are approximately 782,815 words total, the words “prosper” and “prosperity” are mentioned 61 times combined. If my instructions from Ms. Nickerson’s middle school math class are still correct on how to calculate the percentage, that means that the word “prosper” amounts to only .00779239% of the value of the whole Text.

I tell you one thing, I’m not standing on a doctrine that builds itself up on that weak of a foundation! One that’s all about me getting what I want and living my best life now! I pray you all don’t fall for it either!

Woe to you who are teaching the “get rich quick scheme”, or the “live it up like the world” heresy to the body of Messiah. You’re odds of getting the Covid are higher than the odds of you getting out of your evil deeds unscathed. Repent.

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