Father Forgive Us


Dear Father, forgive Your people for our transgressions are many.

We have profaned Your Holy Name among the nations. We call ourselves Your sheep, but are guided by another. Transforming the Light You have given us into a sinkhole of despair.

We have traded Your pure Law for abounding lawlessness. We have put our “feelings” on a pedestal and have made them our guide. Drawing the standard of righteousness from our evil hearts. Oh, the wretchedness!!

Father we have rebuked the good example Your Son has set before us, and twisted His words to fit our needs. We have painted Him as a rebellious Son encouraging no law or order. Painted Him defining love by the world’s standards, not from the standards You deem!

Father we have set idle and allowed wickedness to be perceived as good, abomination seen as gain. We have confused Your Word to justify our ghastly deeds. Deeds that are no longer preformed in hiding, but are done in the light, blatantly flaunted for all to see.

Oh our idols are many as well, too numerous to number or list. All adorned with their enticing lure. We caress them with covetous hands, grasping their false blessings, singing “glory to the man-made gods for they are true.”

We are puffed up in our useless knowledge, disregarding the wisdom that only comes from You. Pride has its claws in our stony hearts, our necks are stiff as a pine.

Father please hear our cry!! Please forgive us for our horrifying iniquities!! We lay prostrate with hearts of pure repentance, crying loudly from within the depths our souls.

We are broken vessels in need of The Potter. Mold us into worthy basins who leak no more! Fill us overflowing with Your Spirit, casting out all the impurities You have brought to the surface.

Father thank You for exposing our thorns. Thank You for Your chastening, for these trials that have revealed our crimes against You!

Restore our hearts to Your Holy Statutes so we yearn for Your Truth. Cleanse us from the stains of our atrocity, make us white as snow! Strengthen us with Your Spirit and write Your Law on our hearts so that we may not stray again into the doctrines of the world.

Oh we Praise You for Your loving-kindness and just correction. You are Holy, no other is above! Thank You for hearing our cries Father and thank You for Your mercy! Thank You for Your abounding love!

In Jesus Holy name I pray with all my being, in the presence of Your Holy throne. Amen

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