Lure of False Light


Beware dear child,
Of the tantalizing allure,
The fallacious twinkle,
Being dangled before you.

The shimmer of the false light,
That soothes your heart,
And distracts the eyes,
Mesmerizing your every thought.

“Oh, but it gives you comfort,”
You say.
“It lulls the pain!”
As you clinch the tiny idol in your fist.

Like a fish in water,
The bait entices,
Luring you from safety,
Dragging you from His life giving Water.

Oh take heed sweet child!
On the banks,
You will gasp for breath!
You will look around,
Dismayed at the ease of your capture.

Repent therefore!
Repent and turn,
While you have little time!!
Do not hesitate another moment!

The ticking is not tocking,
The sand has stopped dropping!
A small window remains,
Leading to the narrow path of safety!

Put away the distorted illumination,
Peel off the scales of your diverted eyes.
Swim deeper into His Water,
Into the safety He provides!

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